Pools and Plexiglas® glazing

Schuran Seawater Equipment B.V.

Schuran Seawater Equipment is an innovative company with many years of experience in the manufacture of professional Plexiglas® aquariums and equipment for zoos, architects and luxury private homes. Our drive to constantly strive for the highest possible quality, to apply new techniques and to develop better products, has made us to what we are today: The leading manufacturer of acrylic aquariums and seawater equipment in the industry.

Acrylic glass for swimming pools

The exclusive pools in combination with acrylic windows are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Schuran Seawater Equipment specializes in manufacturing and installing high quality underwater windows for your swimming pool, zoo or other underwater application. We have developed our way of making exclusive waterproof products. All our underwater windows are tested and certified by us and external companies. Our products are UV, chlorine and salt resistant. In addition, our products are fully tested for underwater use and will not affect organic life in large aquariums. We have our own team of Dutch and German specialists working all over the world who are certified in the field of acrylic installation and processing.

Plastic glazing in different shapes and sizes

We supply curved windows in all imaginable shapes and standard windows up to a length of 7800 mm x 3000 mm. We can supply larger sizes: we bond panels up to 14 meters, seamlessly and almost invisibly in our special workshop or even bigger on site.

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